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“We have had the pleasure of working with Skip Parr and Craig Schilling with Southern Benefit Group and I highly recommend you meet with them regarding your employee benefits strategy. Their unique cost saving strategy, and in-depth knowledge of health insurance and how the costs associated with pricing affects churches helped us identify significant savings on our employee benefits cost. They do so much more than just provide quotes; we rely on them as a trusted advisor for our employee benefits strategy.

We were able to add many benefits that we did not offer before that are included with our savings, and we now have a strategy to help us fight future renewal increases. I would highly recommend you meet with him, even if you have just renewed your current plan to review how this strategy can help you accomplish the same results that we have experienced.” – D. Huff, School Administrator


“Southern Benefit Group’s unique strategy and extensive portfolio of product solutions helped us identify savings over our health insurance renewal. We were able to add benefits to lower our out‐of‐pocket costs that we did not offer before and were included with our savings.” – L. Dunn, City Administrator


“We have had the pleasure of working with Craig Shilling from Southern Benefit Group. Not only did Craig help us with new insurance plans, he explained the discount we, the employer, would receive that our former broker was not aware of, He was patient in explaining all facets of our proposed insurance plans both to management and the employee and offered additional supplemental insurance plans in order to reduce employee costs that the employees did not have access to before.” – J. DeBuske, Finance Manager


“Our company has been very well served by Southern Benefit Group account managers since 1998. Although our group is small, they give us the attention of a top account. Because of the recession it has been necessary to constantly seek lower benefit cost solutions and they have done an excellent job of providing affordable options with a focus on value for our employees.” – P. McDaniel, President

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